Review Guidelines

review guidelines

At Advice Tattoo, we’ve got a simple plan: we make our product reviews clear and honest. We want you to feel sure about whether a product is good for you.

How We Review

Mostly, we check out products ourselves. We look at important stuff like how long a battery lasts or how well a bandage sticks. Each part gets a score.

We think some parts are more important than others, so we weigh them differently.

If we can’t try a product ourselves, we do some detective work. We gather what people say on YouTube, Reddit, and other websites to get the full picture. This way, we’re not just listening to one person’s opinion.

About Prices and Products

We know prices change and sometimes things aren’t available. We try our best to keep you updated. And we look at products that fit all kinds of budgets.

Our No-Sponsorship Rule

Here’s the deal: we don’t do paid sponsorships.


Because we want to keep our advice real and not influenced by companies.


…if we do collaborate with a manufacturer for a product we GENUINELY endorse, this will be explicitly stated.

We believe in maintaining transparency to preserve the trust of our readers.

Why We Share Our Guidelines

We put a link to these guidelines at the start of our reviews so you know we’re serious about giving you good, honest advice. It’s not just about rules; it’s about being a team you can trust for the best tattoo advice.

That’s how we do it at Advice Tattoo. We’re all about guiding you to the right products, keeping it safe, and making sure you’re informed. Thanks for trusting us!

Tattoo Bandages: This is How We Rated Them

When we reviewed tattoo bandages, we focused on the following attributes:

  1. Breathability (20% Weight): We checked how well the bandage lets air reach your tattoo, which is crucial for healing.
  2. Ease of Use (15% Weight): We see how easy it is to put on and take off the bandage. This gets a 15% weight in our scoring because nobody wants a bandage that’s a hassle to use.
  3. Waterproof (15% Weight): We rate how good the bandage is at keeping your tattoo dry around water. This is especially relevant when showering, as it is one of the biggest headaches for people when getting a new tattoo.
  4. Adhesive Quality (15% Weight): We test how strong and gentle the bandage’s sticky part is. We look at if it stays in place well and if it’s kind to your skin when you take it off.
  5. Comfort (15% Weight): We judge how comfy the bandage is to wear. Things like if it’s flexible and doesn’t irritate your skin matter here.
  6. Healing Efficiency (20% Weight): Last but not least, we assess how well the bandage helps your tattoo heal. We look at if it stops too much scabbing and helps keep the color looking good. This is really important, so it gets 20% of the score.

Each of these points gets a score from us, and we add them up to help you find the best tattoo bandage.