7 Best Wireless Tattoo Machines to Watch in 2024

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Wireless tattoo machines are a total game changer for artists. With the freedom and flexibility they offer, you can focus purely on your art without being tied down by cords.

Having one is undeniably cool and convenient, but what if the battery barely lasts through a session? That’s more of a headache than a solution, right? Not to mention the need for ease of use, consistent performance, and more. 

So, how do you pick the right wireless tattoo machine? We’re here to guide you.

We’ve been in the trenches of the tattoo world, collaborating with veteran artists and testing kits day in and day out. 

Our mission? 

To bring you honest, hands-on advice for your tattoo toolkit.

Our top recommendation is the Ambition Soldier Rotary Battery Pen, a gem in the world of wireless tattoo machines, striking the perfect balance between longevity, ease, and affordability.

ambition wireless tattoo machine

Ambition Soldier Rotary Battery Pen

For a top-tier wireless tattooing experience, the Ambition Soldier Rotary Battery Pen is a game-changer. Its sturdy aluminum alloy build and potent coreless motor deliver both durability and precision, ideal for detailed work.

With a long-lasting battery and compatibility with all cartridge needles, it’s perfect for artists at any level.

This machine is a solid investment for quality and innovation in your tattooing arsenal.

Because one size doesn’t fit all in the world of tattoo artistry, we’ve lined up 7 diverse wireless tattoo kits. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned pro, our roundup caters to every style and need.

Curious to see which kit will elevate your tattoo game? Let’s unravel these top 7 picks and find your perfect match.

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Ambition Soldier Rotary Battery Pen




Dragonhawk Wireless Tattoo Machine Kit




FK Irons Spektra Flux Wireless




Dragonhawk Wireless Tattoo Machine




Mast Tour Rotary Wireless Tattoo Machine




Kwadron Equaliser Proton Rotary




Mast Archer Wireless Tattoo Machine


#1 Ambition Soldier Rotary Battery Pen

Advicetattoo Rating: 8.7/10


✅ High-quality aluminum alloy build

✅ Powerful coreless motor

✅ Long-lasting battery life

✅ Compatible with all cartridge needle types


❗Higher price point

❗ Limited color options

The Ambition Soldier Rotary Battery Pen is our top choice for professional tattoo artists, ranking as the best overall wireless tattoo machine among the seven we’ve reviewed. Its high-quality construction and advanced features make it stand out in the market.

This wireless tattoo machine’s aluminum alloy build ensures durability and a comfortable grip, crucial for professionals who spend long hours tattooing.

“The Ambition Soldier impresses with its robust build and advanced motor. It’s a testament to the evolving technology in tattoo machines, offering precision and comfort in equal measure.“


  • Durable and Comfortable: The machine’s aluminum alloy construction not only ensures durability but also provides a comfortable grip for extended use, essential for professional artists.
  • Powerful and Efficient Motor: The coreless motor offers a smooth tattooing experience with low skin trauma, making it ideal for detailed and intricate designs.
  • Extended Battery Life: The 2400mAh battery capacity allows for long tattoo sessions without frequent recharging, ensuring a continuous workflow.
  • Universal Cartridge Compatibility: This machine’s compatibility with all cartridge needle types adds versatility, allowing you to switch between different styles and techniques with ease.

If you’re seeking a machine that combines efficiency with ease, the Ambition Soldier Rotary Battery Pen is your go-to. Ideal for both beginners and experienced artists, its coreless motor and impressive battery life support prolonged sessions effortlessly.

Choosing this machine means investing in reliability and innovation, a smart move for any artist looking to enhance their toolkit.

#2 Dragonhawk Wireless Tattoo Machine Kit

Advicetattoo Rating: 7.9/10


✅ Affordable

✅ User-friendly design

✅ Lightweight and portable

✅ Reliable performance


❗ Limited battery life

❗ Basic ink quality

The Dragonhawk Wireless Cartridge Tattoo Machine Kit stands out as the best option for low-end budgets. It’s an ideal choice for beginners or artists on a budget, offering good value without compromising on essential features.

Like the Dragonhawk Rotary Wireless Tattoo Machine mentioned later in this list, this kit emphasizes affordability while maintaining quality.

“For those starting in the tattooing world or working within a tight budget, we’ve seen how the Dragonhawk kit offers a balance between cost and quality. It’s a practical, no-frills kit that gets the job done.“


  • Cost-Effective Solution: This kit offers a budget-friendly entry into the world of tattooing without sacrificing essential functionalities.
  • Ease of Use: Designed with beginners in mind, the Dragonhawk machine is user-friendly, making it easy to learn and master basic tattooing techniques.
  • Portability: The wireless design and lightweight construction make it convenient for artists to use the machine in various settings, similar to the Mast Tour Tattoo Gun Kit featured in product 5.
  • Reliable Performance: Despite its low price, the kit delivers reliable performance, suitable for both lining and shading.

For those starting, this Dragonhawk Wireless Tattoo Kit is an excellent choice. It’s user-friendly and budget-friendly, perfect for exploring your tattooing skills.

With Dragonhawk’s reputation for quality, you can trust this kit to be a solid foundation in your journey into tattoo art.

#3 FK Irons Spektra Flux Wireless Tattoo

Advicetattoo Rating: 8.7/10


✅ High-end materials / technology

✅ Exceptional battery life

✅ Ergonomic design

✅ Bluetooth compatibility


❗Premium price

The FK Irons Spektra Flux Wireless Tattoo Machine is the professional’s choice, blending top-tier technology with exceptional build quality. It’s designed for seasoned tattoo artists seeking a high-end, wireless tattoo machine.

This machine’s advanced features and ergonomic design share similarities with the Ambition Soldier Rotary Battery Pen.

“We’ve always appreciated the craftsmanship of FK Irons. Their Spektra Flux model is a prime example of their commitment to high-end tattoo technology. It’s a choice for the discerning professional who values precision and quality above all.“


  • Advanced Technology: Equipped with cutting-edge features, this wireless tattoo machine offers unparalleled precision and control.
  • Long Battery Life: The machine’s impressive battery life allows for extended tattoo sessions, reducing downtime and enhancing productivity.
  • Comfortable Usage: Its ergonomic design ensures comfort during long tattooing sessions, similar to the user-friendly Mast Archer Wireless Rotary Tattoo Machine.
  • Connectivity: The Bluetooth compatibility for firmware updates positions this machine at the forefront of tattooing technology.

As a professional, when you invest in the FK Irons Spektra Flux Wireless Tattoo Machine, you’re choosing cutting-edge technology and comfort. Its long battery life and ergonomic design cater to the most rigorous tattooing demands.

If precision and reliability are what you need, this machine won’t disappoint.

#4 Dragonhawk Wireless Rotary Tattoo Machine

Advicetattoo Rating: 8.2/10


✅ Popular choice among beginners

✅ Easy to use and set up

✅ Good quality for the price

✅ Versatile for various styles


❗ Slightly loud operation

❗ Limited needle options

The Dragonhawk Tattoo Gun Kit is one of the most popular models, known for its balance of quality, ease of use, and accessibility. It’s particularly favored by beginners and intermediate artists.

This kit shares the user-friendly aspect of the Dragonhawk Wireless Cartridge Tattoo Machine Kit in but adds more versatility.

“In our experience, the Dragonhawk Tattoo Gun Kit is a crowd-pleaser. It offers an easy entry point for beginners, much like the Dragonhawk kit in product 2, but with additional features that allow for more creative exploration.“


  • Ideal for Beginners: Easy to use and set up, this kit is perfect for beginners who are just starting to explore tattooing.
  • Value for Money: The kit offers good quality at an affordable price, making it a popular choice for those on a tight budget.
  • Versatile Application: Similar to the Mast Tour Tattoo Gun Kit in product 5, this kit is suitable for various tattoo styles, providing flexibility for artists to experiment.
  • Reliable Performance: Despite its affordability, the kit performs reliably, much like the budget-friendly Dragonhawk Wireless Cartridge Tattoo Machine Kit.

The Dragonhawk Wireless Rotary Tattoo Machine is an ideal choice if you’re experimenting with tattooing. It’s straightforward and cordless, making your tattoo journey as smooth as possible.

Whether you’re practicing or just starting, this kit is a testament to Dragonhawk’s commitment to making tattoo art accessible.

#5 Mast Tour Wireless Rotary Tattoo Kit

Advicetattoo Rating: 8.3/10


✅ Highly portable

✅ Easy to use

✅ Consistent battery life

✅ Compatible with various needles


❗ Battery issues in some units

❗ Less power compared to high-end models

The Mast Tour Tattoo Gun Kit is acclaimed for its portability, making it an ideal option for tattoo artists who are often on the move. Its compact and wireless design provides unparalleled convenience.

This kit’s portability is similar to the Mast Archer Wireless Tattoo Pen Machine, but with a focus on a travel-friendly design.

“For artists who travel frequently or prefer a minimalist setup, the Mast Tour Tattoo Gun Kit is a game-changer. It’s compact, reliable, and perfect for on-the-go tattooing.“


  • Portable Design: The kit’s compact and lightweight design makes it perfect for mobile tattoo artists or those who prefer a clutter-free workspace.
  • Ease of Use: It offers user-friendly features, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced artists, much like the Dragonhawk Tattoo Gun Kit.
  • Reliable Battery Life: The dependable battery life ensures consistent performance during tattoo sessions, similar to our pick, the Ambition Soldier Rotary Battery Pen.
  • Versatility: Compatible with various needle types, this kit provides flexibility in tattooing techniques.

The Mast Tour Tattoo Gun Kit is a great option for artists at any level. Its lightweight design and enduring batteries are perfect for long sessions, and its versatility across different needle types is a plus.

If you’re looking for a kit that adapts to various styles and techniques, this is the one for you.

#6 Kwadron Equaliser Proton Rotary

Advicetattoo Rating: 7.9/10


✅ Precision-focused

✅ Low vibration motor

✅ Lightweight and ergonomic

✅ Compatible with all cartridge needles


❗ Higher price point

❗ Specific to detailed work

The Kwadron Equaliser Proton Rotary Pen is renowned for its precision, making it the best choice for artists who prioritize detailed work. Its fine control and low vibration motor are ideal for intricate designs.

This machine shares the precision aspect with the FK Irons Spektra Flux but is specifically designed for artists who focus on detailed work.

“As a team that values precision in tattoo art, the Kwadron Equaliser Proton has our full endorsement. It’s tailor-made for artists who demand the utmost accuracy in their work.“


  • Precision in Detail: The machine’s design focuses on precision, allowing artists to achieve detailed and intricate designs with ease.
  • Comfortable Handling: Its lightweight and ergonomic design ensure comfortable usage during long sessions.
  • Low Vibration: The low vibration motor aids in steady hand movements, crucial for precision tattooing.
  • Versatile Needle Compatibility: Like the Ambition Soldier Rotary Battery Pen, this machine is compatible with all cartridge needle types, offering flexibility in tattooing techniques.

The Kwadron Equaliser Proton Rotary Pen Tattoo Machine is a top pick for those who value precision and comfort. Its pen-style design and low vibration provide an exceptional tattooing experience.

If you’re looking for a machine that matches professional standards, this is your ideal choice.

#7 Mast Archer Rotary Wireless Tattoo Machine

wireless tattoo machine

Advicetattoo Rating: 8.5/10


✅ Great value for money

✅ Long battery life

✅ Easy to use and maintain

✅ Suitable for various tattoo styles


❗ Some issues with battery charging

❗ May not suit highly detailed work

The Mast Archer Wireless Tattoo Pen Machine offers great value for money. It’s a well-rounded option for both beginners and experienced artists, balancing cost and quality effectively.

This machine’s balance of affordability and quality is comparable to our top pick, the Ambition Soldier Rotary Battery Pen.

“For those seeking a really good machine that won’t break the bank, the Mast Archer is a standout. It blends affordability with quality, and offers additional features that cater to a broader range of artists.“


  • Portable Design for On-the-Go Artists: Its lightweight and compact size make the Mast Archer ideal for artists who travel or work in different locations.
  • Extended Work Sessions: The 2,000mAh battery ensures long working hours, allowing artists to complete extensive tattoo sessions without frequent recharging.
  • Seamless Operation: The one-piece seamless body design not only makes it easy to maintain hygiene but also adds to the machine’s overall durability.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Compatible with all sizes of cartridges needles, this machine is suitable for a variety of tattoo styles, from fine line work to shading.

All in all, the Mast Archer Wireless Tattoo Pen Machine is a fantastic choice for both experienced and beginner artists. Its combination of a powerful motor, long-lasting battery, and portability makes it a valuable tool for any tattoo artist’s toolkit.

5 Most Important Things to Look For on Wireless Tattoo Machines

1- Battery Life is a Game-Changer

Why It’s Important: A solid wireless tattoo machine should keep up with your workflow, no interruptions. We’re talking about a minimum of 8 hours of battery life. This means less time worrying about power and more time focusing on creating stunning tattoos.

Tip: Look for machines with fast-charging features and, if possible, interchangeable batteries. This way, you’re never out of juice during those marathon tattoo sessions.

2- Comfort in Your Hands:

Finding the Right Fit: A machine that feels like an extension of your hand is a must. It should be lightweight and well-balanced to avoid straining your hands. This is crucial during long tattoo sessions where comfort equals better control and finer art.

Advice: Test different models if you can. Pay attention to grip size, weight distribution, and overall ergonomics. Your hands will thank you later.

3- Power Matters:

Versatility is Key: Whether you’re lining with precision or packing in color, your machine needs the power to perform various tasks with ease. A machine that’s equally effective for different styles is a winner.

What to Look For: Look for a machine with adjustable speeds and a motor that can handle both fine lines and heavy shading without skipping a beat.

wireless tattoo machine power

4- Easy to Use:

User-Friendly Features: A machine that’s straightforward and intuitive to use can make all the difference. Features like clear voltage displays help you monitor your settings easily. Foot pedals can add convenience, allowing for hands-free operation.

Remember: The less time you spend fiddling with settings, the more time you have to focus on your art.

5- Build to Last:

Durability Counts: Investing in a machine built with high-quality materials means you’re investing in your art’s future. Look for robust construction, like anodized aluminum, which stands up to the wear and tear of daily use.

Longevity: A well-built machine not only performs better but also lasts longer, making it a wise investment for your practice.

In short, choosing the right wireless tattoo machine is about balancing power, comfort, and durability. It’s about finding a tool that complements your skill and enhances your artistry. Keep these points in mind, and you’re on your way to picking a machine that won’t just meet your needs but elevate your tattoo game.

Established Brands vs Clones

When you’re considering brands like Bishop Wand Packer, FK Irons Spektra Flux, or Cheyenne, you’re not just buying a name; you’re investing in a legacy of quality and reliability.

These brands are like the Rolls Royce of tattoo machines: pricey, yes, but they promise performance and longevity that less expensive machines might not deliver.

Think of it this way: you’re not just buying a machine; you’re investing in your art’s future. These machines, which can cost between €900 to €1200, are designed for artists who are serious about their craft and are looking for tools that will not only keep up with them but also enhance their work.

Clones: A Double-Edged Sword

On the flip side, we have clones – the more wallet-friendly options.

They mimic the design and functionality of the high-end models, but at a fraction of the cost. However, the lower price sometimes comes with a catch: quality and longevity might not match the originals.

Choosing a clone is like opting for a budget airline over a premium one: you’ll get to the same destination, but the journey might not be as smooth or reliable.

This isn’t to say clones are a bad choice – they’re a practical option for those just starting or for artists who aren’t ready to splurge on a high-end machine. But remember, as with most things, you often get what you pay for.

For those of us who need to balance budget with quality, brands like Mast Pens offer a middle ground. Priced around $200, they provide a decent quality without breaking the bank. They’re like the dependable, mid-range cars that get you where you need to go without the luxury price tag.

When you’re making your choice, consider not just the price, but also the machine’s purpose in your career. Are you a beginner looking to practice and improve? A seasoned artist looking for a reliable partner in intricate designs? Or perhaps an established professional aiming for the top tier in tattoo equipment? Your answer will guide your decision.

In conclusion, when choosing between high-end brands and clones, weigh your options against your current needs, future aspirations, and financial flexibility. Remember, the best tattoo machine is one that aligns with your artistic journey and supports your growth as a tattoo artist.

3 Things You MUST Know Before Buying a Wireless Tattoo Machine

Here are three crucial tips every artist should know before making the leap:

1- Maintenance Matters

Look after your machine, and it’ll look after you. Regular cleaning is a must.

2- Know the Limits

Wireless machines are fantastic, but they might not pack the same punch as corded ones. Keep this in mind for power-heavy styles.

3- Invest in Quality

It might be tempting to go for a cheaper machine, but in the long run, quality pays off. It means better work, fewer breakdowns, and happier clients.

Final Thoughts: Picking the Perfect Wireless Tattoo Machine

Picking your wireless tattoo machine is a big part of your tattoo work. It’s not just about it being easy to use. It’s about what’s best for your art.

We really like the Ambition Soldier Rotary Battery Pen. It’s good for all, whether you’re just starting or you’ve been tattooing for a while.

The right machine is the one that fits how you tattoo, feels good in your hand, and doesn’t cost too much. It could be the Dragonhawk kit or the fancier FK Irons Spektra Flux.

Each one is good in its own way. So, pick the one that’s best for you and make great tattoos with it!

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